Emmanouela Pechynaki- Mamounaki

She graduated from the State School of Orchestral Art of the Conservatoire Antwerp and the Department of Primary Education of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. In recent years she has been working as a teacher of contemporary dance and acrobatics for children and adults and is involved in dance filmmaking.

In 2021 she collaborated with Thanos Papakonstantinou in the project “Juditha-Triumphans” and with Denis Alamanos and Danae Dimitriadis in the project “Free at Last: Rerooted”. In 2019 she participated as a performer in the video-dance installation “Lapse” by Stavros Gasparatos & Lars Jan. In 2019 he attended the educational- artistic program Return Trip for dancers organized by the Athens and Epidaurus Festival. She has collaborated with Millicent Hodson and Kenneth Archer for the production “La création du monde” and with Annie Vigier and Franck Apertet (les gens D’uterpan) for the exhibition Documenta 14. In 2016 she participated with the Hellenic Dance Company in the productions “Fragile Matter” and “Tomorrow” at the Megaron Music Hall. She has attended dance and theatre seminars in Greece and abroad in a search for her personal dance and choreographic language. She is currently collaborating with Cumana film Experiment with the aim of poetic filming of dance projects.


Losing Ground‐ A Leap in the Void

The predominance of the visual realm over the other senses in today’s technological and consumer culture engenders a dichotomy between mind and body and a mechanized conception of corporeality. This conception, which has pervaded daily as well as dance practices, involves the proliferation of other dichotomies such as the ones between subject-object and self-other which, in dance, are manifested and exemplified in the relation between leader-follower. As opposed to this tendency, this research aims at subverting the above-mentioned established polarities by highlighting the role of other senses and especially touch in our engagement with the environment, pointing the way towards a multisensory embodied experience. It also proposes an approach of the body as a physical and psychological entity in a perpetual flux of becoming with the other. To this end, the concepts of the “interval”, “in-betweenness” and relational movement -which put emphasis on the interdependence in partnering- were also introduced




Master in Dance (E.A.R.), Conservatoire Antwerp


Losing Ground‐ A Leap in the Void