Navigation in space-s

Eleonora Siarava

1 August 2022

Navigation in space-s is not an actual score but a potential score to be. It is a notation | diagram recording the third scene of Who knows where the time goes – potential destination #1 (2021); a choreographic piece that attempts to enter the paradoxical and ambiguous universe created when Time is intertwined with the Image based on the construction of an ephemeral, live scenography. Meike Bleeker in her book “Visuality in the Theatre: The Locus of Looking” (2008) introduces a distinction between visuality and vision suggesting visuality as an active dynamic process of seeing and perceiving. From that perspective, this visual material could trigger and open new possibilities, new layers of interpretation, embodiment, performativity.

Invitation to re-visit ¦ abstract ¦ reverse ¦ deconstruct