It’s not about if you will love me tomorrow_Part 2

Androniki Marathaki

1 August 2022

Performance  “it’s not about if you will love me tomorrow_Part 2” is a game in public view, a game that comments on questions about dance and its viewing and the intensities and dynamics that unfold through this paradoxical relation. Through the re-tracing of gravity and of the weight of vision, it questions the relation of identity and environment and wishes to re-dance the relations of observing and participation in the world we live in. A moving platform that changes its inclination according to the weight transfer of the performers becomes the common land for four performers. Connected with sensors, it translates the movement of the platform and performers into sound creating a constantly transformative and sensorial coordinated place. Performers’ effort is the sharing of this place according to their preferences: their weight, their perception, observations, actions and reactions, accelerations, decelerations, in the act of fall and balance and while they share a common space. This is a quartet of journeys in order to reach a center of shared balance, an effort to re-establish their weight not as something stable but as something immediately influenced by the velocity of their perception and of processing. As in life, homeostatic regulations are required to keep on living in this world, where to make choices means also to influence others and where to influence others has a substantial impact on how they perceive and embody themselves.