Gardening the holy purple

Androniki Marathaki

1 August 2022

The  “gardening the holy purple”  is one of the four constellations of the project holy purple and one first attempt around how a dance performance can exist in digital space. All constellations of the project are composed through 5 basic relations:

1    1            1 ⇆ 1           1 ↔ 1        1← →1          1 →|← 1

They preserve a common basic composition through those relations for every stage of the practice, of the performance, of the installations’ organization, of the programming environment etc. That means a common code that changes its forms but maintains the same relations and according to the form/constellation it communicates differently with the audience members.

“Gardening the holy purple” implies somehow to human life, pursuing this trace through the common space of voices. Detached voices, voices whispering or interjections, their gasp for air, their breath, their screaming as well as their silence. Audience members acted upon the project on safety distance by leaving their trace from 20th to 30th April and since then the digital dance performance is ON, free on the internet.

Through that, it casts out anything alive in those that are in movement, related and that communicate through those relations their pastness while creating common place with others.