Democracy Not Found

Dafni Pantazopoulou & Angeliki Anargyrou Potamianou

1 August 2022

Protest space as heritage. Documentation as choreography. Democracy danced as heritage. Bodies in the protest space.

This practice began as a reaction. An investigation into the pandemic encroachments on rights and the fragile democracy. Our process was enriched by the synchronized instrumentalization of the pandemic towards a series of scandals concerning the Ministry of Culture, police repression and political arbitrariness. Given the imposed curfew on Greek citizens, we observed political bodies, including our own, being excluded from public space.

We attempted to subvert the supposedly democratic symbols of the Acropolis, and Parliament. In holding the Acropolis at arm’s length as a symbol of exported cultural Greek colonialism, we renegotiated its associations within the field of choreographic discourse. With the archaeological spaces remaining locked, we ‘visited’ to frame their empty entrances, the imaginary queues, the forbidden-by-law manifestations, to provide a commentary on the policies of surveillance and the limits of democracy. To capture the presence and precarity of the bodies where democracy is being corroded.