Chain – a movement game

Polina Kremasta – Creo Dance Company

1 August 2022

Chain: a game of personal and collective co-creation.

Through this improvisational procedure, repetition, ritual and ecstasy, a personal and group kinesiology is being born. Each person observes the self and the group while balancing the verbs “listen” and “suggest”.

The group begins while holding by the forearms and walking in a circle. The feet are moving constantly by transferring weight from one to the other, they never stop even if we are on the spot. We are holding without tension with the elbows and wrists loose. Someone proposes a change of direction and creates a chain reaction to the group which tries to react, not because they see the stimuli but when the stimuli reaches their hands. We control the accelerations and tensions, we allow ourselves and our companions to adjust.

The results of the procedure are: the chain’s changes of shapes and its transfer into space. Its actions are: to transfer, to change directions, to contract and to spin.

Rules: to listen a) the needs of the group in order to propose, b) the group’s proposals in order to serve the suggested action.

The “chain” was implemented in Athens, Ioannina, Portugal, Ireland, France, Spain and Germany (2018-2019) with more than a hundred participants (students of dance, educators, actors, artists, amateurs and professionals). It was used for the creation of kinetic and choreographic tools for the performance “Commun”.

The images are drawings by participants responding to the question: what did you see?