Open Call 2013


from stage to page will be updated! For those of you who would like to participate read the text below. For those of you who have already participated, it is an opportunity to make updates, additions or changes to what is already published.

How to participate

A blog about the Greek dance scene –

If a Greek dance scene is to be located, it must be articulated and if no one else is writing about us, we could write it ourselves! The aim is to communicate the local creation and production to the international scene.

You can send texts about yourself as dance makers, about your work, your methods or any text that inspires you to dance and to choreograph or interview yourself. All materials should be sent in English if possible, otherwise send it in Greek and we will translate it. Images and drawings are also welcome. 

Blog sections:

  1. Manifesto – your own manifesto e.g. NO manifesto by Yvonne Reiner 1965: no to spectacle, no to virtuosity, ….(or YES manifestos!)
  2. Method- methods or techniques you develop in your work e.g. Fighting monkey of Rootless root
  3. Philosophy-the thinking behind your work, questions, e.t.c. 
  4. Project- description, rationale, point of departure of a specific production that  is representative of your work
  5. Questions/Answers- addressing principal questions e.g. why do you dance, why do you choreograph, why do you continue to make work, what inspires you, what motivates you  
  6. Academic texts- texts produced within an academic frame or text by another writer that expresses your intentions, positions or else. 
  7. Self-interview- Asking yourself questions and responding to them in the form of an interview.


I look forward to your texts/materials and hope we can manage to ride the wave together and see our works and diversity gathered in this space.

Please send your materials by October 10 to, including name, contact, website and for images please include the name of photographer, title of performance and name of choreographer.

Forward this call to colleagues, artists or theorists who might be interested in contributing.