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On pages and stages

Archiving transitions: On writing the obvious

On writing #Act I

“Αre you here?” zine

Trajectory of an Idea


Chain – a movement game

Gardening the holy purple

Democracy Not Found


This is not My Body

Magic Carpet Designing

Navigation in space-s

Rodia Vomvolou

Emmanouela Pechynaki- Mamounaki

Angelos Papadopoulos

Aggeliki Nikolaidou

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Betina Panagiotara

Viewing as a practice

Point of view

Without respect but with love

Between solo and group works

A need to return to the body

Sculptural dimension of body materials

Poetics of object

Dance, arts and mental health

In search of a sense of freedom

Dance as experience

Fallow times and solidarity

Working with archives

How the body behaves while talking

Transforming in relation to time

Working with dreams

From the political to the ceremonial

Dance theatre in constant motion

Autobiographical landscapes

Questioning the notion of authorship

Setting choreographic problems

Failure and casual mystics

Panstylistic idioms

From ancestral body to embodied self

Investing in the process